Aren't some of the widgets you can add to your page fun to mess with?  Take for instance the one that I have just added to my page.  Hahaa :)
Do you like it?
If you play around with  your mouse cursor inside the "aquarium" you can get the fish to chase your mouse Hahaahaa :)
I had fun making this different by changing the background image and also the colors of the fish :D
Hope you like it!

Thanks for stopping by :)


  1. FUN! If I click my mouse, it drops "food" and the fishies go after it.
    LOVE It. :-)

    1. Hehee is THAT why they were following me around LOL!
      Now I might have to change the color of the food too :D
      This was such a fun little widget to play with :)

  2. its neat but it might slow some people's computers down with the fish moving all the time

    1. That's a good point Jennifer. Everybody that's looked (that I know of) hasn't noticed a change in their computer. Have you? I'm not sure the application uses that many CPU's to run.

    2. i havent, but i have a new computer. someone with an older one might?

    3. You had a good point Jennifer so I removed it :)
      Thanks for your input!


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