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Friday, June 28, 2013

Tiger WIP Update 5

I was able to spend about three hours on this today.  I'm so close to being finished.  Probably about another two or three hours. 
Hope you like it and I'm not boring you with my numerous updates.

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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Beautiful Andalusian - Update 2

I have two projects going on right now and this is my other one.  I was calling this just "New project".  This is a gorgeous Andalusian that I started in graphite because of the beautiful flowing mane.  I'm still undecided on the name.  It will either be called Mane Event or Mane Attraction.  Which one do you prefer?? Do you have any other ideas for names?
So far I've used a H and 2B graphite pencil to work on this and it has a lot more work to go.

Hope you enjoy the progression of this one!

"Mane XXXXX?"
9 x 12 Strathmore Bristol Smooth

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Tiger WIP Update 4

I was able to put some time into this and it's really coming along now.  I don't really know what I'm doing but it seems to be working and I'm really starting to like this one.  I love happy accidents and that's what happened with the background LOL!

Hope you are enjoying the continuing progress!

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Monday, June 17, 2013

Tiger WIP Update 3

Up until today, I didn't have enough done to post another update.  This is going slowly but surely.  I really have no idea what I'm doing but seem to be doing it LOL!
Most of the background was created with complimentary colors of red and green with the added color of blue.  All work is being done at this point with Faber Castell PITT Pastel pencils.
Hope you are enjoying the process as much as I am!

Just for fun, I played with some new charcoal pencils that I bought.  This drawing is a 5" x 6" on cheap sketching paper using 2B and 4B Generals Charcoal for the blended background and then using graphite H, 2B - 4B for the rest.
Had a lot of fun exploring new techniques with blending.
Reference for this lovely wolf is by DallieDee on Flickr under the Creative Commons License

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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Tiger WIP Update 2

I had so much to do today outside that I didn't get much time to work on this painting. I did work on it for about 1.5 hours today.  Tried to increase the orange color a little bit on the Tiger.  Still need to "push my darks" with the viewers left side of the Tiger.  I also need to add more blue to the leaves because they are looking a tad yellow to me.
I worked a lot on that background.  I'm basically creating and making it up as I go.  Hopefully, it's looking OK?  I stopped working on this when it was time to feed my horse and dog.  After I took a scan and put it back, it was time to do some more painting. I painted for 3.5 hours straight and it wasn't art LOL.  I applied a wood stain to our front porch and stairs. 
Hope you are enjoying the progress as much as I am!

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Nostril Study + others

Today the weather was beautiful here.  My horse was sleeping in her corral and I was able to take a chair out with my drawing equipment and do a nostril study and some more while she slept.  I also practiced my blending using a tortillon.  I've never used a tortillon with my work before just went over it with a harder graphite pencil and in that way blended the graphite. While I was attempting her nostril pleinair, she started falling asleep so I tried to capture the look of her eye.  Then of course because I couldn't leave it alone, I stared adding more details.  Well, the neighbor started moving his horses around and that woke and she left the drawing area.  I enjoyed doing this study and it was good practice for my project that I'm still working on. 
I also completed a sphere using my newly tried blending techniques.  It sure is faster to blend with the tortillon!
What do you think?
 Here they are!

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Thursday, June 6, 2013

New Project - Update 1

OK, I got this transferred to my Bristol board and then I was ready to go!
I started with the eye first because I believe if you don't have the eye right, the drawing will fail miserably.  I used 2B and 4B in the eye.  Once I got the eye in I next started working on the ear and adding in some of the darks.  This is where I ended tonight's work.  This is about an hours worth of work.  I know, I'm slow LOL.
Hope you like it so far!

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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

New Project

Here is my next project!
It's all about the mane with this gorgeous Andalusian boy so the title will be either "Mane Attraction" or "Mane Man".  Unless I get a better suggestion.  What do you think?
I will be doing this in Graphite on 9 x 12 Bristol Board Smooth.
I've increased the contrast on the drawing so that you get a better idea of where this one is going. 
Hope you like it!

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Monday, June 3, 2013

Tiger WIP Update - 1

WOW has it really been that long since I worked on this?  I finally got back to doing something with this painting.  It's taking a lot of time to get the colors the way I want them and I don't have a lot of colors to choose from.  Still coming along.  I worked on this a little over an hour today but my back is really bothering me so that's all I was able to do.  Might be able to get back to it later today.  This is on Cason MiTeintes paper using PITT Pastel pencils by FaberCastell.
Hope you like it so far!

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