Saturday, June 8, 2013

Nostril Study + others

Today the weather was beautiful here.  My horse was sleeping in her corral and I was able to take a chair out with my drawing equipment and do a nostril study and some more while she slept.  I also practiced my blending using a tortillon.  I've never used a tortillon with my work before just went over it with a harder graphite pencil and in that way blended the graphite. While I was attempting her nostril pleinair, she started falling asleep so I tried to capture the look of her eye.  Then of course because I couldn't leave it alone, I stared adding more details.  Well, the neighbor started moving his horses around and that woke and she left the drawing area.  I enjoyed doing this study and it was good practice for my project that I'm still working on. 
I also completed a sphere using my newly tried blending techniques.  It sure is faster to blend with the tortillon!
What do you think?
 Here they are!

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