About Me

I discovered art for the first time in 2005 while taking an elective art class in college.
I loved the challenge art gave me.  I loved taking a flat piece of paper and turning it into a 3-D image and found out that I wasn't to bad at it either.
After class was over however, life got in the way and I put away my graphite pencil and watercolor brushes until much later. 

I picked up the graphite pencil again in October 2010 and rediscovered the wonder of creating art. Since October 2010, I've continued to explore different mediums.

My first medium to explore was in  September 2011, when I discovered artist quality Prismacolor Pencils.  "Playing with Marbles" is the first serious piece I created with them and "Mesmer_Eyes_er" followed shortly after.  I love the feel and control I have with the Prismacolor Pencils. 

In February 2012, I decided to explore Watercolors again and found that I still love it.
In March 2012, I picked up the Pastel Pencil using the Faber Castell PITT Pastel Pencil as my choice. 
I played with soft pastels in the form of Rembrandts in August 2012. 

Who knows what other mediums I will try while I explore this wonderful world of art but I will share that journey with you here on these pages.

Here are some of my early works from 2005
First in class assignment 2005

Final assignment for my art class elective in 2005