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Sunday, April 15, 2018

Paint on Paper - Second Layer

Paint on Paper has a little more paint.
Not sure how many hours I worked off and on with this beautiful boy today. At one point I was NOT Happy with it! Now? I'm really happy with how it's turning out!
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9"x12" Watercolor on watercolor paper
Reference by Artist Reference Photos by Karen

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Saturday, April 7, 2018

Horses Eye

A little something I did today. This is a 2.5" x 3.5" Bristol Board Smooth Reference photo is from Keana Buckley Art of the Horse Horses Eye Let me know what you think!

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Thursday, April 5, 2018

Paint on Paper - First Layer

My next project has started!! Paint on Paper :) 9"x12" Sorry about the crummy photo. It's dreary here today and has snowed on and off all day. Luckily, nothing has stuck on the ground but still...it is April! My horses are shedding. Ah, springtime in Montana :) The Gorgeous Horse is Referenced from Artist Reference Photos by Karen and is used with permission.

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Monday, April 2, 2018

Practice Piece

Practicing with my Polychromo's and my new Jakar battery operated eraser. Learning what works, what doesn't and also trying to get the colors right with a set of 24 pencils.
Not that easy for sure but it's entertaining while I'm laid up.
Learning what to do and what not to do with Polychromo's Colored Pencils.
The biggest thing to not do is use the wrong paper lol.
Sketch BookPaper is not the greatest for these pencils!!
This is a practice peace for sure and I hope it helps you to see that you can't just sit down and start using a new medium. It takes lots of practice. I;m familiar with Colored Pencils but they are Prismacolors (wax based) and Polychromo's are oil based and slightly different to use.
This is Joe 6"x8" Sketch Book Paper

Reference from Artist Reference Photos by Karen
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Fox - Graphite

I found a really cute picture on Pixabay of a Fox looking up with his tongue stuck out so I decided to complete it in graphite on my sketchbook paper
I give you Mr. Fox.
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While I've been working on my drawing almost everyday, I've been lacking on getting it posted here!
I've been doodling at work during my lunch hours and this is what I've created with doodles. It's fun to challenge myself with the quick draws and see how much I can get done during my lunch time.
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Sunday, March 11, 2018

Anatomy sketching

I've been putting time into my art almost everyday.

Last night I had fun with ProCreate but created a very sad looking horse that I'm not going to share unless you really want to see it haha.

I've been studying horse anatomy and that sketch was a real quick loose example of that without having a reference photo to look at. Hubby said it was a sad looking horse.  He quickly said , "not the drawing but the expression".  The horses eyes looked sad hahaa..I said I think the whole thing is sad looking hahahahaha

I Added a Stylized Name Tag to Tucker.
I haven't stylized my writing since I took Jewelry class in MiddleSchool.

What do you think?

Artist Reference Photos by Karen
This is an anatomy head study.
Have a long ways to go with this one. Still need to compare to the reference photo with this image and see how close I am before continuing.
It's so much easier to trace an image but that doesn't train the brain or the eyes. 
I always start freehand and I'm no longer using a grid as that takes too much time and then the lines used for the grid might not erase and it can sure mess up the final drawing if they don't erase completely!.
So, I freehand to start with.  

Then take a picture of my image and place it over the reference in photo shop.

That shows me how far off I am, then I start making changes based on what I see is off.
As this is a sketch and practice, it's on the 5.5 x 8 sketch book.

Well, after getting that image into photoshop and comparing, the top of my horse from the crest up was spot on...However, the perspective and proportions for the bottom half were so far off it was laughable.
So after much erasing and altering.
Here is the finished sketch.

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