Friday, June 1, 2018

Gum Balls - Strathmore tutorials

This is a Strathmore tutorial done by Kelly Eddington on
If you follow my work or even just look at the majority of my work, you'll see I'm mostly a pet portrait artist that paints realistic portraits.
Doing this tutorial by Kelly was completely out of my comfort zone lol.
AND Disaster struck...In many ways lol.
So this was not an easy painting. I Might actually have to try these gum balls again.
One of my disasters was I decided to tape the side of my work and the tape I grabbed I thought was my lowtack artist tape and it wasn't.
So even though I pulled it away gently and slowly it ripped the top corner of my paper.
Now I don't have a nice clean white border all the way around. So, I cropped it.
Here's the taped tear and then the cropped piece.
Thanks for looking!
I think I'll stick to mostly animals from now on lol
Except I'm starting Kelly's second tutorial on human features in watercolors :-O
As always, thank you so much for stopping by, leaving your comments and supporting my artwork!!

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