Dog - Watercolor

Second watercolor painting since I started back up with my art and first time doing a dog watercolor
It's not finished but I'm done for today. 
Sorry for the dreadful scan.  I don't have the camera right now so put this oversized drawing board that my painting is taped to on my scanner.

Didn't work to well OBVIOUSLY 

Hope you like it so far :)

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Looking good so far Peggy.
    Getting good WIP pictures is the bane of my life - camera -v- scanner etc. I spend almost as long on that as I do on drawing sometimes. LOL

    1. Thank you Sue :)
      I guess that's just one more skill that I will have to learn on this journey LOL.

  2. yes its a bad scan, but you can still tell its a lovely painting :)

    1. Awww Jennifer you are so sweet thanks!:)


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