Even when I'm not able to work on a full blown portrait I find  myself doodling.  Am I the only one?  I'm pretty sure I'm not.
I've decided to share some of those really quick doodles with you even though they are not 100% anatomically accurate.
I find the more I draw and paint, the more accurate I'm able to achieve and also the faster but still not completely there while doodling.  It takes me hours and many retries after erasing and starting over before I'm happy but these are doodles and with doodles, the eraser isn't used.  The idea is to just sketch fast and free.
One of these doodles was done mostly in pen and I've never even attempted that before because of my need to always erase to get things accurate and proportional so I'm pleased with my progress.
Even while doing work, I find I'm a doodler LOL.  The page on the viewers right is done from life by looking out the window at what my horse was doing and trying to draw it and the birds that were stopping by on the fence rail.  That was another first for me.  I've never drawn from life before! Ya sure have to be quick.  Especially with the animals that don't hold still LOL! Much easier to draw from photos.
Hope you enjoy my really quick doodles.

Thanks for stopping by :)