Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Exploring Watercolors - first watercolor Waterfall

Started exploring my watercolors again.  The first time I was introduced to watercolors was in the same art class in 2005.  I only have five colors right now so a pretty limited palette to try this with .
Red, blue, yellow, green and brown.  No way to make colors lighter with a tint of white so had to use more water.  that in itself seems to create a whole nother set of problems.
Haven't messed with them since the class was over and it's taken me awhile to even find the five paints I still have.
Anyways, without further chatter, here is an attempt at Bow River waterfall in Alberta, Canada.  It was the subject of my last essentials of waterfalls webinar class. I messed up the perspective and I'm not happy with this painting but it sure was fun to get the paints out again!
I've decided I really can't paint landscapes very well, without a LOT more practice.  Look for this painting to be tried again at a later date.

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