PugsEye - Final except for Signature

Well, here it is, except for the signature.

Finished the "Pug Eyes" as far as I'm taking it.
The photo I was loosely working from was a reference supplied for a 2014 wetcanvas Art challenge.
I don't know who the photographer was but it was a very cropped shot.
Here's the finished painting after pressing the paper flat.
The second image is showing my painting cropped in the same manner as the reference photo was cropped.
There are many things wrong with this piece but overall I'm very happy with it :)
I learned a lot while doing this piece and I'm looking forward to doing more watercolor paintings in the near future.
Scoping out images that might work right now so stay tuned


  1. Peggy, I can't see a thing wrong with this - you have a talent I admire and envy - I can't draw a stick figure well! Your work is always amazing, but it keeps improving and expanding. The depth and fine lines, it's just crazy thinking this is a painting! It looks like a photo to me. Beautiful!

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment Martha!
      I believe anybody can learn to do what I do, it just takes practice.


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