Professional Watercolors

I'm so excited! My Daniel Smith (DS) Extra Fine Watercolors are here!!!
As I mentioned when I was doing the PugsEyes, I decided I needed to move to professional watercolors and give the student grade ones to my granddaughters to play with.

The best way to learn new watercolors is to paint with them, mix them and just play!
That is exactly what I've been doing today.

I've been learning how they mix, their different intensities and I've put together a color chart showing mixing two colors together. I have 9 of the Daniel Smith paints right now for my limited palette.
There is NO comparison to the student watercolors I've been playing with up until now. 

Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolors are as their name states, Extra Fine!
The vibrancy and the way they mix together is fantastic!
I'd heard and read a lot about the different professional watercolors and DS had some pretty high reviews most of the time and I can sure see why!

I just LOVE LOVE LOVE the vibrancy of the pigment.
Here's the charts I've put together so far.

The way to read these is each two color mix is a 3 x 5 = 15 squares
In the first row of 5 they are the pure pigments with minimal water.
The first square is the first pigment and the last square in the first row of 5 is the other pigment I'm mixing to create the pair/combo
The 2nd square in the first row is mostly the first square pigment with a titch of the other pigment added.
The 3rd square in the first row is a mix of 1/2 & 1/2 (same amount of each)
the 4th square in the first row is mostly the 5th square pure pigment with a titch of the first square pigment mixed.

The first row of 5 is all pure pigment just enough water to paint , (dark tone) 
the middle row is one part water one part paint and (middle tone) 
the last row is two part water, one part paint. (light tone)

So, for the very first 3 x 5 group I am mixing
my yellow with my red

First square is pure yellow, 5th square is pure red, 2nd square is all yellow with a touch of red, 3rd square is 1/2 yellow 1/2 red, 4th square is all red with a touch of yellow. (no extra water)
The middle row of squares is the above explanation with a dip in the water (one part water, one part paint)
The final row of squares is the above sentence after painting and blotting on paper towel, then dip in the water (basically 2 parts water, one part paint)

Hopefully, that explanation is understandable!

 Next up, palette I chose and why.