Big D WIP update 5

I've been "pushing the darks" with Big D. 
 He is after all a Black Friesian. 
I knew my mane was "reading" black but his body wasn't so.... I'm still tweaking
Hope you like it!

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  1. Hi Peggy
    Looks like you've achieved the deep blacks you were trying for. Which brand of pencils are you using?
    Of the ones available in the UK I favour Mars Lumograph for the darkest tones. I have tried using carbon pencils with graphite as the carbon gives rich blacks also. It does give a matt look though compared with the graphite sheen so needs to be evened up by spraying with fixative.

  2. Thanks Sue!
    I still think he needs to go blacker but I don't think I started with a soft enough graphite?
    I have a really light touch which makes getting the darks harder I think.
    Mars Lumograph is what I use as well :)
    I also used a Kimberly 9XBB and a touch of Generals 4B charcoal (in his forelock).
    Do you use a workable fixative between layers? I've heard you can do that to achieve being able to add more graphite or do you increase your pressure??

  3. Its very difficult (and maybe impossible) to find workable fixative in the UK. Our Fixatives are the
    non-removable variety, used at the end of the work. I don't use fixative between layers of graphite but occasionally do so with cps.


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