Big D WIP Update 4

Somehow I missed posting this update so.....
Here's where I was at when the weekend started.
I'm pretty impressed with the big guns!! 

I also purchased a tombow mono zero. Wow is that an impressive little eraser for getting some of those fine line highlights!
Almost finished now. I think just some tweaking and I will be calling this one done. Then onto my next black challenge.
Hope you like it!

Then I tweaked Big D a little bit on Sunday.  Can you tell where?
So here's what it looks like now.
Thanks for stopping by :)


  1. Hi Peggy
    Don't know what happened but your posts stopped appearing on my Reading List and the last one I saw was from March 16th!!!

    Just been catching up and you have produced some fabulous work - I especially love the tiger in pastel.

    I have now reloaded your Blog onto my Reading List and (fingers crossed) hope it will now pick up each new post.

    So ... apologies I wasn't ignoring you. :0)

  2. How funny! I didn't think you were ignoring me though LOL :-)
    Thanks for your lovely comments.


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