Monday, July 22, 2013

Gabbi WIP Update

Gabbi's proving to be as much of a challenge as her Mom says she is Haha.
Am I the only one to struggle with the eyes?  Getting Gabbi's eyes to where I'm happy with them is proving to be quite the challenge for me.
I've drawn the prelim. sketch onto the Bristol Smooth and have started laying in the darks and working on her eyes.
A Lot more work yet to be done but if I can't get the eyes right, I'll scrap this and start over.
9 x 12 Graphite
Stratmore Bristol Smooth
Hope you like the progress so far!

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  1. Those eyes are fantastic! :) The amount of work you have put into them has really paid off. I spend most of my time getting the eyes just right, too. They are really what give life to a drawing.

  2. Thanks Sarah! Do you struggle with getting them to look in the right direction too? Any tips you can offer? I agree they are what will either make or break a drawing.


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