Cougar Update 5

I really wasn't happy with the cougars eyes but just couldn't place what was wrong.  I let google search be my friend and found a lot of information about the cougars.  What was bothering me? I had the cougars eyes with a tinge of green in them!  Cougars don't have green eyes.  Obviously, my mind picked up on the error even though my eyes didn't.  So, I made the cougar have the color of eyes that are part of their breed.  Didn't get much more done though.  Did you know the cougar is the largest cat that purrs?

Well, here he is with his eye color more accurate and realistic to his breed.
Hope you like the change!

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  1. Peggy, sus trabajos son fascinantes, este puma tiene un hermoso fondo, mis felicitaciones y admiración por sus obras

  2. Thank you so much Beatriz for your wonderful comment :)


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