Why do people feel they have the right to take your art off the net and use it for their own purposes?  I don't know if I should be flattered or angry and frankly, I'm a little bit of both.  Now I'm trying to find a pleasing to the eye watermark style to use that's not in your face and annoying and doesn't interfere with the painting.   Since there are a lot of images that need watermarked on this site alone,  after I have determined a style, I will then be making a recording to run a batch and watermark all images at the same time! If you're interested, I can share how to go about doing that on here as well.

If you want to find out if you too have images being used without your permissions, here's how you go about doing that.
Go into your search engine and select images (I'm using Google).  In the search window there is a little camera icon.  Click on that icon and it will bring up a box that says, "Search by image" and gives you the option of uploading an image from your computer or choosing the URL where the image you are checking on is located. After your image is uploaded, you will see a list of all the sites where your image is located. Google does omit similar results so chose the "repeat the search with the omitted results included" option.  I hope your work isn't being used without your permission!
Let me tell you this was a big eye opening for me!
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  1. Hey Peggy. I have been using Picmonkey to do my watermarks. You can use the Paint program in Windows too, but I can't always get it to fade enough. Picmonkey does let you fade it as much as you want.
    I think it's always important to watermark (or even just put your mark on it where it can't be cropped off) on anything you stick online nowadays. I'll have to try your tutorial for my photos but I put SO much online, I don't know if I have time to check it all!
    Good luck.

  2. Thanks Martha :)
    I have Adobe Photoshop CS so I'm figuring out how to watermark. I actually know how but it's trying to get the right kind of image. I didn't want the watermark to be annoying LOL! The good thing about the images that were used without my permission, they still had my signature on them :)

  3. watermarks are fine, but if someone really want the image without them they will take the time to erase them :/

  4. That is so true Jennifer but at least doing this makes it a little bit harder for them...... I hope LOL!

    1. it does and they really have to want a clean drawing to take the time to do it. of course some people still post the art as their own even with someone else's watermark on it :/


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