Fletcher WIP

Here's today's progress!  Now the refining starts.


  1. I tried to see your todays' progress on WC and --no picture showed up for me to seee, so I came to your blog instead. I think the comp is very good, with the one ear--he is still very sweet looking. I was wondering why you are using pencils only??? I love the moonstone, and use it often, but I use soft pastel sticks and can go farther with those, with minimal usage of pencils, if any. I guess just different strokes for different folks, right? This is looking good, really!

  2. OH no, I hope the picture is there now! Glad you stopped by though :)
    I only have pencils but working on this one, I'm wishing I did have soft pastel sticks as well. Any brands and colors you recommend? I'm thinking of getting a few anyways :)


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