Red Panda _ WIP

I'm going to be entering a contest offered by Sandra Angelo.  Here is a link to explain it,
From the offered photos, I've chosen a really cute Red Panda photo and cropped it to fit my needs.
The reason I chose this photo was because of the awesome reflections in his eyes.  I wanted to challenge myself to not only get something like that in a set of eyes but also to get the look of long fur.  This is only my seventh Colored Pencil painting and the first animal that's not a cat. Out of the six I've painted so far, three are cats LOL! Yes, I'm an animal lover and proud of it :)
So here is the WIP up to where I'm at right now.
I've spent approx. five hours on this so far. This is being done on Stonehenge paper using Prismacolor Colored Pencils.  The image is 9 x 12
Hope you like it!
Attempting the first eye!

On to the second eye!

Start defining facial structure and nose
Working on the fur
More fur, tone etc...
More tone, color and structure

 Thanks for stopping by :)


  1. Admiro su paciencia , el resultado seguro será fantástico, espero ansiosa ver el trabajo terminado

    1. Gracias Beatriz! Acttually que va mucho más rápido de lo que pensé que lo haría!


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