Red Panda WIP Update 4

I had another first today!  How many of you choose to draw and paint the animal without his tongue showing LOL!  Up until now, I've never painted a tongue that I can remember. Definitely NOT with Colored Pencils.  This tongue was a challenge to get the tone, color and shape right.  I'm a little unconventional in my approach with the colored pencils as well.  I don't do color swatches, I do all my testing and mixing on the painting.  I get some interesting results that way and so far, lucky accidents LOL!
I also darkened the dark side of the face and added more definition.
Hope you are enjoying this process with the colored pencil painting as much as I am painting it!

Thanks for stopping by :)


  1. i hardly ever make swatches unless i plan on using some kind of solvent for blending. then i do just to see how the solvent will work with the pencils

    1. Glad I'm not the only one LOL!
      I've only used the solvent once and that was with my marbles painting. Since it was an experiment, I didn't test that either. I just used the solvent and was surprised by the results.


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