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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My "Studio"

Where does the time go?  Can you believe it's already September?
I have a few pictures for you today.  I'm getting my "studio" (read spare bedroom) organized so I took a quick snap shot.
I also completed "The Inspector" so gave you a quick snap shot of putting the finishing touches on it. I enjoyed working on this one but I'm still undecided as to whether I like the Ambersand Pastel board or Canson Pastel paper better.

I'm enjoying working with both the Rembrandt Pastel sticks and the Faber Castell PITT Pastel pencils.  Now I want to get some CarbOthello Pastel pencils because I've heard so much about them.  Do you know who Roberta "Roby" Baer is?
Roby is an absolutely outstanding pastel artist that uses the CarbOthello Pastel Pencils in her art.  Check out her website!  You wont be sorry you did.  http://robybaer.blogspot.com/
Do you think I can do as well as her if I just get those CarbOthello Pastel Pencils?
No I didn't think so. It's not the tools that make the art, it's the artist but having the right tools sure does help :)
I really want to get an easel but for now as the picture shows, I have a very big sheet of cardboard at an angle with aluminum foil across the bottom to catch any loose pastel.
I have the 15 half stick rembrandt pastels and I started with 24 Faber Castell PITT pencils then started adding to them with open stock. I now have 33 and still need to add more LOL.
Do we ever stop adding to our collections?
There are so many different tools to explore and I'm sure having fun learning the ones I have now.
I still would love to try the Velour and Suede choices as well.
Thanks for stopping by :)
Stay tuned for my next painting.

Putting the finishing touches on "The Inspector"

Studio desk


  1. hmm now we don't mever stop adding to our collections :p there are so many supports i want to try out there, the only thing stopping me from getting them is the caseh :/

    roberta's art is gorgeous!

  2. Isn't that the truth Jennifer! I keep making a wish list for shopping and it keeps getting longer but of course not having the cash to get them is also stopping me :/ but don't tell my husband that we never stop adding to our collections LOL!!!!!


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