Thursday, May 3, 2018

First Time with CP on Toned Paper

First time with Colored Pencils (CP) on Toned paper!
Here is the start of my next project. It is actually an emailed tutorial I got just before Dad passed away last June.
It is/was offered by Carrie L. Lewis and for those that don't know her, she is an Equestrian Artist and Teacher. This piece is on Canson Mi Teintes Grey Pastel Paper. My First challenge was how to get the image transferred. I've never drawn on toned paper with CP before. You can't erase on this paper very well without damaging it so the first thing I tried was to coat the back of my line drawing with a light colored Pan Pastel layer. Then transfer the image. While I've had great success with that technique for other drawings, it didn't work so well on this paper. I happened to have Saral waxfree transfer paper. So, I tried that next. That worked fairly well but I find I have to remove it before I can apply the CP because the CP doesn't cover it up.
So here is the image all transferred.

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