Craftsy Class - 1

I'm also taking a Craftsy class and I guess I should post the work I've done so far in there.
It's called Pet Portraits in Colored Pencil and it's with Gemma Gylling.
We are doing these portraits on Suede Mat Board.
I haven't used this surface before but I'm finding it will hold a lot of layers and it's allowing me to create the realist image I seem to strive for.

My board is supposed to be grey but when I bought the suede mat board from Gemma, she didn't have grey so I got the tan.

First thing I had to do is transfer the provided image onto the Suede Mat board.
I did that using graphite transfer paper.
Next I created the Eyes to match the reference image.

I'm having fun taking this class but I'm definitely working slowly on this one.

So, without further's the Cat.

Thanks for stopping by!
Hope you like it so far :)