Friday, May 17, 2013

Seagull Flyby

This is a graphite drawing on fairly cheap drawing paper.  It's approximately 8" x 8.5".  I saw this really neat photo on the Artist Reference Photos FB page.  If you're not familiar with this page, you should acquaint  yourself with it.  There is an agreement that you read and if you agree to the terms, you sign the agreement and then you are free to use any photo on the site to paint or draw from as long as you abide by the rules :)
They also have monthly challenges both for the photographers and for the artists. 
The photo that won for this months art challenge was taken by Rachel Taylor and is titled "The Seagull Flies By".  I thought it was a pretty good challenge for me to attempt to draw using graphite.
So, that's what I did LOL :)
I'm not completely satisfied with it but most of my dissatisfaction comes from the type of paper I used. I usually only use the cheap drawing paper for quick sketches.

Hope you like it!

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