Do you ever feel that you want to try everything or is that just some quirk with me?
Have you ever used Gouache?  I just heard about that style of painting and now I'm thinking about trying it as well.  I still need to get some acrylics and see how I like them too.
Should I just stop trying new things and concentrate on one or just a couple or should I just keep exploring and having fun with them all?  Is there such a thing as stretching yourself to thin in art?
So far, all the mediums and papers I've tried, I've enjoyed :)
Even in the mediums I've tried (ie: pastel) I still want to try so many different supports (ie: velour, suede, pastelmat, gesso coated).  When I started this journey, who knew there were so many choices and so much fun to be had by picking up a pencil (graphite).