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Monday, December 31, 2012

Reflections - 2012

WOW, I can't believe the year 2012 is almost at an end! As I sit here watching it start to snow, I decided to do some reflections on 2012 and what I've accomplished.

I started this blog in the beginning of February and I already have 144 posts!  I didn't really know if I could keep this going but it's been fun sharing my work with you!
I'm falling short of blogging daily but still adding new posts at least once a week (hopefully more, sometimes less). When I started this blog I was just starting to explore watercolor. I haven't done more than the one portrait in watercolor but hopefully 2013 will have a few more watercolors in it.

I've continued to explore various other mediums.
I now enjoy Soft Pastel, Colored Pencil and Graphite and I will hopefully continue to improve my methods and techniques.  Since I enjoy a challenge, I hope I never run out of things to challenge myself with.
For the new year, I plan on working on more challenging art projects and maybe even entering my work in some competitions.  Right now the thought of that scares me because I feel I'm not even close to being up to the standards of the other artists that enter these competitions and I have so much still to learn.  So, we'll see about that in the future.  I would like to learn more about painting landscapes. 
Diane Wright and Deborah Secor have definitely helped me with that goal through the use of their tutorials and  Johannes Vloothuis through his webinars as well as all the great artists that share their time and expertise on the artists forum Wetcanvas.  If you haven't discovered these resources I urge you to explore them.  Even if I never paint a "landscape" I want my portraits to have believable backgrounds and through their teachings and others, I believe that goal is being accomplished!

Well, that's enough reflections for now.  My horse is telling me she really wants to be fed and so does the dog LOL!

Thank you to each and every one of my followers!  I truly appreciate each and everyone of you for your kind comments, gentle shoves and encouragement. 

May you have FANTASTIC 2013!

 Thanks for stopping by :)


  1. happy new year!!

    and you really should try to get around to entering some competitions, your work is more then good enough :D

  2. You are so sweet to say that Jennifer! Thank you :)


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