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Thursday, September 20, 2012


Do you ever doodle?  I find when I'm thinking about things, I sometimes doodle.  Right now my mare isn't feeling very good.  She just had her dentist appointment and some sharp points removed that were causing sores and now she's not eating because the sores in her mouth need to heal.
So I started doodling a soft horses eye.  The problem with doodling for me is that I also seem to do it with a 0.5mm mechanical pencil and on lined paper.  Not the proper tools to work with at all but it's still fun :)
So, I thought I'd share the quick doodle with you!
I just measured and this drawing is less than an ACEO  (Art Cards Editions and Originals) drawing!
It's 2.5 x 2. Maybe I'll recreate it on an ACEO with the proper tools and see how it comes out!

Thanks for stopping by :)

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