- Peggy Covic Fine Art: African Grey Parrot -- WIP Day 10

Saturday, June 2, 2012

African Grey Parrot -- WIP Day 10

I can't believe I've been working on this parrot for over a week now.  Good thing each day is only about two hours. 

I've bit the bullet and I'm attempting a background.  No detail but will hopefully support the parrot without competing..... We'll see if what I'm attempting works out.
That's what this is all about right....Explore and learn what works and what doesn't.  Though it is SCARY to try new things on something you've put a lot of time into!
I'm starting the background using Prismacolor Verithins for this part and some of the color ideas came from a wonderful equine artist Carrie L. Lewis
 The order is basically light to dark but a lot of mixing in between as well.
Dark Brown, True Green, Cerelean Blue, Apple Green, Golden Rod, True Blue, Canary Yellow, Grass green, Ultramarine Blue, Olive Green, Terra Cotta and PeacockGreen.  Hopefully that's the whole list.

Here is today's progress.


  1. I think the background brought the Parrot to life. Wow, amazing job Peggy!

  2. Thanks Martha! It's not done but approaching the finish line now :)

  3. the background is looking really nice :) goes really well with the bird

  4. Thank you Jennifer! I appreciate your comment :)


Thank you for your comments :)