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First try at this style of art.  Decided to do something COMPLETELY different than I've ever done before.  Opened the Windows Paint software that comes on almost all PC's and had a little fun. 
I have a wireless mouse and let me tell you, that was not easy.  I think doing digi art with a stylus and tablet would be a lot easier but still, I had fun for a couple hours. This is a horses eye (in case you can't tell LOL ) And I did it using the oil paint brush.

Have any of you done digital art?  Have you thought about doing it? Do you like digital art or do you prefer traditional art?
Hope you like it :-)
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  1. i like digital art, just wish i had more time to create more digitally. if you want to keep making digital art, try downloading GIMP (its free). sort of like photoshop and gives you a lot more option then paint does
    but i wouldn't have thought this was done with paint, well done :)
    it is easier with a tablet, but you have to train yourself to use it, get use to the relationship between what you see on screen and your hand

    1. Thanks for your comments Jennifer. I'll have to check into that GIMP and see what it has to offer.
      Free is a good start!
      I've thought about getting a Wacom Bamboo tablet and probably will in the near future but there are so many things I would like to try in the art world and only so much money.
      I think the next thing I'm going to try is acrylics.

    2. good luck with the acrylics. its a paint you will either love or hate,(i hate it :p).

    3. YIKES! That's what I'm afraid of, spending money to buy them and then find out that I don't like them. If I could just find someone that will let me borrow a bunch LOL.
      I do have one bottle of Golden Acrylic "fluid" that I bought to paint whiskers. Does that count? :)

    4. just get small tubes to see if you like the paint. not horribly expensive and should be easy to find. any craft/art stores will have little tubes. for testing its not really worth spending a lot of money, dont get rock bottom stuff as it will act horribly, but i wouldnt get the top dollar stuff just in case you hate the paint. and different brands of acrylics will behave differently, so if you do hate the paint, it might just be the brand. you can get all kind of different mediums to put with the paint. extenders are good since acrylics do dry fast, golden is a good brand and they have all kinds of mediums to put with the paint.

    5. Thank you for your tips and all that information Jennifer :)
      I've been lurking in the acrylic forum and browsing their library of information on Wetcanvas. Wow there is a lot to acrylics! I didn't know the different brands would behave differently!
      I think I'm going to "try" either Golden or Liquitex heavy body and a few mediums but haven't decided what I want to paint so I can restrict how many colors I'll need, or should I just go with the triad of primary colors and start mixing the colors, to test the paints? Maybe adding Burnt Sienna and Burnt Umber to the mix as well?

    6. yeah, just get main colours with a few browns thrown in. if you see some colours you like other then the basic colours, its often easier just to buy them unless you want to experiment and try to make the colour yourself (depends on your knowledge of colour theory) (i'm lazy, if i can buy the colour i buy it :p)

    7. Thank you so much for all your help Jennifer :)


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