Monday, August 8, 2016

Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolors - My Palette

My Palette
I have chosen a very limited Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolors palette to start with.

I chose a yellow that is neither warm or cool in hue
if you add red to it, you can warm it up or add blue and cool it down. -

1) Azo Yello = PY151 - Midrange between warm and cool

My Primary Red is
2) Quinacridone Rose = PV19 - Cool red
This is a great red for my limited palette because you can mix with yellow and make oranges and you can mix with blues and make gorgeous purples.

I have two blues in my palette
3) Phthalo Blue (Greenshade) - PB15:3 -  Cool Staining blue

4) Ultramarine Blue - PB29 - Warm Blue - more towards the purple hue because it has a titch of red in it.
with a little yellow you can cool this blue down.  You can even mix it with my next color to create a cool blue.

5) Phtahlo Green - PG7 - cool green
Janeblundellart says, "if you're going to have only one green in your palette, make it Phthalo Green BS".
It mixes well with my Quin Rose for making shadows.
Makes a vivid green when mixed with my yellow and if I mix it with either of my blues I have a lovely hue of turquoise.

6) Pyrrole Orange - PO73 - warm redorange
It's lightfast, heavily staining, semitransparent and is a very intense redish orange pigment.

7) Burnt Umber - PBr7 -
8) Burnt Sienna - PBr7 -
9) Raw Sienna -  PBr7 -

It is easy to mix 7 & 8 instead of buy them.

For example you can mix Burnt Sienna by using yellow, red and then adding Ultramarine Blue to it You then have a nice warm brown that can be made to look like Burnt Sienna by varying the amount of each pigment.

I could easily also make Burnt Umber by mixing my Ultramarine Blue and Burnt Sienna together.

So they really didn't need to be bought as a ready made but it's much simpler to have them as a single pigment choice and to have it already mixed.

Mixing Phthalo Blue with Burnt Sienna is great for getting the cool blues and greys that alot of animals have in their fur.

So there you have my Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolor palette

Stay tuned for my Winsor and Newton halfpan palette :)

You see, I couldn't decide if I should get tube or pan.
I've heard all the pros and cons on both but I've had no experience with pans/halfpans to be able to make a educated choice so I bought both.
Since it's watercolors, neither of them will go to waste and I'll have double the amount of fun learning my watercolor paints :)

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