Cougar Update 6

I was able to work on this for about two hours today.  I still have to match the color a little better on the body and then it's time to start the background.... YIKES LOL!  Backgrounds scare me as they do a lot of artists.  If you ask artists the two major things that scare them, they will usually answer, "getting the darks and backgrounds" LOL!
I too still struggle with both of those.  I'm getting better about the darkside but still have a long ways to go LOL!  This will be my third background (if I remember right)
Hope you are enjoying the process!

Thanks for stopping by :)


  1. backgrounds can be such a pain, which is why i use coloured paper a lot :p

  2. Yeah Jennifer, I agree colored paper would have definitely made this one a little bit easier :)
    Call me strange but I like the challenge too :)

    1. no, a challenege can be a good thing sometimes :)

    2. I just hope I can pull off what I want to without ruining this painting LOL!

    3. its looking great right now, and even if you think you mess it up you can always cut out and use the parts you still like :)


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