African Grey Parrot -- FINISHED

I decided to darken the background just a titch and also burnish it.
Here is the completed piece.  I hope you like it!


  1. It's lovely! No blacks? Well done!
    You mention in your journey bio the various mediums you've tried, and wondering who knows what other mediums you might explore?

    If you haven't already, can I suggest oil pastel? I got some recently, didn't think I'd like them, but I amazed at how lovely they are, how quick it is to turn out a painting, and also how different because of their opacity and rich colour. They're another learning curve, for sure, but not as grotty as the dustys or needing clean up like paints.
    The brand I got was on recommendation from Rob Sloan's site which is dedicated to the medium. I bought a set of ArtArengi, which though they are not top of the range like Sennelier and Holbein, he was quite impressed with their quality for the price, and as a newbie, I found them quite workable. Anyway, love your work, as usual.

  2. Thanks Donna! No blacks, greys or whites :)

    I hadn't thought of trying Oil Pastel. So they are that different from Faber Castell Pastel Pencil?
    Not sure when I'll try them but they are added to my list now! So are Acrylic and Oil painting as well as Scratchboard. LOL!
    I just got my Pan Pastel and haven't even tried them yet!
    I love all this experimenting and exploring.


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